LIMIAO 5cm Japanese Traditional Futon Mattresses Shiki Futon Tatami Floor mat,King71 79inch High Grade Floor Mattress - BLOVRMR3B

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  • Cotton

  • ❤Comfortable fabric: It is made of soft and comfortable brushed fabric, which has high elasticity and breathability, and is not easy to fade and pilling. It is neither as hard as a spring mattress nor as soft as cotton. It fits the body curve, provides excellent comfort and support, reduces joint pain, and provides a comfortable and natural sleep

  • ❤Various uses: It can be used as a bedroom futon/living room futon/tatami mat/floor mattress/sleeping mat/tent mat/guest mattress/Japanese-style mattress, or children's play mat/floor pillow bed, and can be taken with you.

  • ❤Important note: Please note that we compress this item into a convenient storage bag, so after opening the package, it will take 1-2 days to recover to its normal thickness, faster recovery in the sun

  • ❤Ergonomic design: 4cm-thick tatami foldable non-slip student dormitory mattress, curve fits human body structure, mattress tatami correction can improve most of the back pain caused by sleep and back stiffness, futon mattress can disperse the human body . Automatically adjust the sleeping posture, no deformation after a long sleep, not easy to feel fatigue.

  • ❤Quality and service guarantee: The mattress cannot be too soft or too hard, which is why we have created a unique design that combines quality and comfort, suitable for various sleeping methods.

  • 5cm Japanese Traditional Futon Mattresses, Shiki Futon Tatami Floor mat,King(71 * 79inch)High Grade Floor Mattress
    Fabric: 100% polyester fiber
    Filling: 100% polyester fiber
    Size: 90x200cm (35 * 79inch), 100x200cm (39x79inch), 120x200cm (47 * 79inch), 150x200cm (59 * 79inch), 180x200cm (71 * 79inch)
    Thickness: 4cm
    Applicable season: four seasons
    -Soft, breathable, super comfortable, non-slip, warm
    -Spine care materials can provide you with quality sleep.
    -Fluffy and soft, foldable, not easy to deform, easy to store and does not take up space
    -The edges of the mattress are durable.
    The thoughtful belt design prevents the mattress from shifting and keeps a good sleep all night
    We are committed to making your life easier. You do not need to give up space to use extra beds for guests. You can store the bedding until the guest rests or sleeps in the room. In order to ensure your comfort, the padding makes it jump well and does not feel too stiff when you lie on it. The futon is also tufted, giving a charming and alluring design. Perfect for you and your family. Make your sleep more comfortable.

    LIMIAO 5cm Japanese Traditional Futon Mattresses Shiki Futon Tatami Floor mat,King71 79inch High Grade Floor Mattress - BLOVRMR3B