Nordstroms Anniversary Sale Must-haves

Nordstroms Anniversary Sale? Yeah, it's pretty much a big deal. It's one of the biggest sales of the year if not the BIGGEST. So for all of you ladies that are wanting some good stuff I've narrowed it down to each area. I really wouldn't want you to miss out on these picks that I think are a so perfect for so many occasions. Especially when everyone goes back to school in just about a month. Why not get some cute classy dresses for church and some nice bags you'll wear all the time with some fun high heels on sale. The prices beat any coupon out there and the discounted prices are even better than Nordstrom Rack.

Hats: Because we all know that hats are the best on those not so good hair days or when your freezing your ears off in the winter. The first one is definitely a buyer and looks absolutely gorgeous on.

Sunglasses: It's never fun to be blinded by the sun in the summer or the snow in the winter.

Makeup: These kits are just beautiful and I love that they're easy to travel with. For those who love vacations but need simplicity here it is.

Earrings and Bracelets: Love some of these ear jackets and Alexi & Ani bracelts.

Necklaces: Can give an oomph to the simplest outfit.

Clothing: Because we all need a few good outfits to lounge in, a good blouse for lunch datess and a dress to go out to dinner. These jackets are gorgeous and I hope they don't sell out before I grab one.

Heels: Because I'd be short without them.

Flats: After a few hours in heel I'll need.

Bags & Backpacks: 

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