Coachella Outfit

Happy Monday! Hope all of you had a great weekend. This summer look is from our trip to Universal Studios last week. We had so much fun there with our family, all of us had way too much butter beer. If you've never heard of Butter Beer it's pretty much cream soda, butterscotch/rum (non-alcoholic) and cream, it's delicious. I've seen a few good recipes online for the tasty drink if you're not able to go to Harry Potter Land at the moment. Our family will make this tasty soda drink for a fun Harry Potter Movie night, the kids love it. My outfit was Coachella inspired for this day, I know so many go to the music festival and the styles people bring to Coachella are just amazing. Being that it's all about music and fashion I wanted to add the cutest darn Mary Frances guitar purse you will ever see! But I do warn you that everyone will want to touch it and their kids lol especially the guitar strings. I paired this guitar crossbody with this midi fringe skirt which brought out my boho side. The skirt is seriously a must and you won't find many places that sell a fringe midi skirt.. they're usually mini. Now my shirt is actually a bodysuit and it will be my go to for spring and summer I got it in black as well because I love it so much and they're so comfortable. Thanks for looking we appreciate every single one of you. Have a great and safe week. 

Video of outfit here

Hubbys outfit:
Tee (way more options online)
Nike Roshe  (on sale)

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