Are you ready for some football!

Hope you all had a great super bowl sunday with friends and family.  I know that we did, we had so much fun even though we weren't going for the same team, and the game wasn't as close as we hoped. Be sure to have a great week anyways and thanks for following!

1st photo: 
Seahawks fan
Jacket: Lululemon (similar)
Pants: Lululemon

2nd photo:
Broncos fan
Top: Lululemon
Pants: Lululemon
Boots: Sorel

Both photos Clip-in Hair Extensions: Mochachino ($5 off promo code: SandE )


  1. You two are so gorgeous and so cute in these hats! Have a great week, I just found your blog and am excited to follow!

    1. Your so sweet! Thank you :)