It's nice to be able to switch up my nails then comeback to the same nails without paying again. These NailHur nails are awesome if you just want to wear them for a relaxing getaway. They're reusable and you can paint some of them for a new look.
I love these Pink foiled Nails for Valentines called, "Wonderland." I also grabbed these cute black, "Samantha" nails for a more edgy look.

Nails: Wonderland (Coupon: SANDE50 for 50%off)

Foundation: Sx 11 & Sx12
Powder: Translucent
Lipstick: Pure Decoration (Light Peachy Nude)
Eyeliner: Gel
Concealer: Laura Mercier
Lashes: Wispies


One item that's a must in every wardrobe, is a maxi dress. They can be easily dressed up for a night out or down for a casual day on the beach. This dress isn't c-thru like a lot of maxi dresses and its was only $16! I grabbed a few other colors ;).

Dress: Green
Shoes: Zara (similar)

Foundation: Sx 11 & Sx12
Powder: Translucent
Lipstick: Sushi Kiss (LOVE)
Eyeliner: Gel
Concealer: Laura Mercier


Who doesn't have fun going to a beautiful log cabin in the winter playing board games, riding snow mobiles, or to the Cabin in the summer hiking trails, telling scary stories, or eating s'mores (yum).  This tee is everything it's soft, the sleeves aren't too short and I'm adoring the cute saying, "Cabin Fever". I guess it's a different kind of fever, but i'm still loving the tee. ;)

 These shoes will be on my feet all summer.They're a MUST being that they're comfortable, easy to walk in, they look cute with bermudas or a pencil skirt, they also come in black. 

Top: On sale
Jeans: Light Wash
Shoes: On sale, Black (run a little big)
Hat: Seafolly

Lips: Oak and Pure Decoration 
Foundation: SX 12
Concealer: SC1


I'm sure you know by now I adore Pj's. When I'm at home watching TV or reading a book I want to be in something that's comfortable. These caught my eye because of the cute safari print and they're very soft. So here you can get them for almost 50% off (they do run big).

Pajama's: Henley (on sale)
Kids Pj's: Henley
Infant: Henley

Foundation:  Sx 12
Eyeshadow: Nars Duo
Lips: Spice & Nylon
Blush: Desire
Lashes: Wispies
Powder: Translucent 
Concealer: SC-3 


I've been obsessing over light blue lately, it's such a fun pop of color for any outfit. Here I paired it with a white tee, gray jeans, black heels and purse. 

Cardigan: On sale 
Tee: H&M
Jeans: Grey
Shoes: Zara (Similar)
Purse: Phillip lim for Target 
Necklace: Lindsey Lou Patterns (perfect for Valentines)

Gel Liner: Black
Foundation: Sx12
Brows: Dark Brown


 I know some can agree with me that if your not comfortable in an outfit you'll wear it once then hardly wear it at all after that. This cardigan is a subtle light pink with a flattering length that look great with jeans, a skirt, dress or shorts. The soft knit is comfortable enough to wear lounging and watching your favorite TV show or going out on a date. Perfect to throw on this upcoming spring and summer for those chilly day and nights. 

So I decided to use burgundy colors on my eyes from the newly released Jaclyn Hill palette. Hands down my favorite palette!

Cardigan: Oversized (runs big)
Top: Bobi (similar)
Jeans: Forever 21 (similar)

Foundation: 11
Eyeliner: Gel
Lips: Boldly Bear & Creme shine (similar)
Brows: Dark Brown
Powder: Laura Mercier and Ben Nye Banana


Finally we got some snow around here this year. I love that it makes everything appear peaceful and still. When we woke up we saw animal footprints in the snow around the house but luckily no bear footprints! I'm glad because one of our neighbors said there has been a bear scavenging around here lately.  Hopefully, they're not here anymore and they're fat and hibernating now.  

Cardigan: Asos
Jeans: Blue
Boots: Cognac
Lips: Femme 


 I still can't believe it's going to be 2015! What are some of your New Year Resolutions? I know I want to eat healthier, put more time into my family, see the good in others, serve others and have more patience. Now for work, I'm working towards some makeup and hair videos just for you! 

Top:Peplum (similar)
Jeans: Black 
Shoes:Zara (similar)
Jacket: Tan
Belt: Vintage

Foundation: Sx11
Powder: Ben Nye Banana
Eyeliner: Morphe Brushes Gel
Eyelashes: Red Cherry #106
Bronzer: Chocolate
Eyeshadow: Nars Duo
Concealer: #3
Lips: Nylon Nude