We waited a long time for our third boy, so when Beckham was finally on his way I was looking for the safest baby products on the market. I got a great car seat and bed, but the one product that has given me the greatest peace of mind is the Owlet Baby Monitor.

Safety is my number one priority. You need to understand that I lost a lot of sleep simply because of worrying about my kids during the night. I would  wake up and check on my kids throughout the night. The Owlet completely solves that problem for me, and my husband and I get a great nights sleep because my little Beckham is a great sleeper and because the Owlet. This monitor tracks the important baby vitals like heart rate and oxygen levels, the same things they track at hospitals. Its amazing technology especially at the price point.
One night the Owlet alerted us that the monitor didn't have a good connection. So we adjusted the monitor and went back to sleep. I woke up and was amazed and surprised by the Owlet customer service. I received a text message from an Owlet operator following up on the alert and checking in to make sure we understood how to properly set the monitor. *One tip is to put a snug sock over the monitor to ensure a secure fit. You can also check the vitals real time through the Owlet app.

The Owlet has exceeded my high expectations and allows me to sleep well at night. The technology is amazing and I am so grateful to have it.  

Maxi dresses!

It's official we are having a boy, and we couldn't be more excited! This will be baby #3 and my little guys can't wait to be big brothers. Here i'm wearing a Pink Blush Maternity Dress and it's soo comfortable, I fell in love with it right when I saw it online. The colors and wrap detail are beautiful, and the material is silky and soft.  I'm wearing a size small in the prettiest dusty rose color, I hope you guys love it as much as I do.  You mamas have to check it out, they have the most beautiful maternity dresses.

Neon Green + Nude

Fitness has always been a big part of our lifestyle. I remember when Sarah and I turned 12-13 yrs old my Dad was so excited to get us both Gym Memberships. It was a big deal to him to get us into a gym. It made us realize how important it was take care of our bodies by working out. Even more now, the older I get the more I have the desire to keep working out and eating better. One thing that makes it fun for me to go to the gym is a cute outfit. Because, it obvious I love styling outfits and why not at the gym? This all nude outfit with a pop of green is one of my favs and I love sharing my style and tips with you. It's something different than the usual all black (still a fav). Hope this new year you try out the gym and see the fun in it. Thanks so much for looking! We love you!

Las Vegas Outfit

Hi, hope your having a wonderful day today. This post is all about this cute bodysuit and metallic silver pleated skirt. I think this skirt is one of my favs and I got sooo many compliments and questions on it when we went to Las Vegas. I thought I would do a short and simple post for this look. Have a great day and thanks for following!

Forever 21 nude bodysuit

Vegas Chic

Hi everyone. Last week we weren't sure what we we're going to do for Labor Day weekend. Last minute the husband booked a hotel in Vegas and I couldn't be more happy. I love Vegas for the shows, pools and of course the shopping.  Today's all about one of my favorite swimsuit looks in Vegas. Mesh and coral is my jam which is why I grabbed this Lee and Lani top when it went on sale last winter. The sail boat bottoms that were paired with this top were so cute, but I really wanted some high waisted swimsuit bottoms. Sooo I searched hi and low for the perfect coral bottoms. With no luck I tried blue high waisted bottoms but they just didn't work with the top how I wanted it to.  It had taken months to find some high waisted swimsuit bottoms that would match perfectly with this top. Luckily before summer was over I finally found some gorgeous coral bottoms to match this cute mesh top. These high waisted coral bottoms happened to arrive just in time for our trip to Vegas. We stayed at the Vdarra Hotel and we loved how amazing our room was and their amazing customer service. Our view was gorgeous and loved seeing the neon lights at night down below in our beautiful hotel. It was easy to walk to the Casinos on the Las Vegas Strip from the Vdarra and It was right where all the good shopping is. Hope you all had an amazing week. Thanks so much for all of the support. We love you!

Love this guy!

Bodysuits & Pleated skirts for fall

Happy Monday! I'm so so so excited to show you this flirty look that I wore over the weekend. My sweet hubby and I went out to dinner at Ruth's Diner up in Immigration Canyon. It was the most beautiful scenery and the food was so yummy. This look fitted perfectly for a romantic dinner outside under some giant trees decorated in lights. This bodysuit i'm loving so much because it fit perfectly and I can wear t all the way until Spring. I loved to pair it with this flared pleated skirt because it gives me more shape. The skirt was the perfect length and I know I'll be wearing this almost every week, seriously I'm obsessed with it. I picked out a few high and lows. Hope you have a wonderful week, love you guys!

The Perfect Henley & Poms

Hey everyone! It has been a little chilly lately and it's still August! I'm crossing my fingers ( I hope you are too ) that it won't get too cold to soon. I personally love a hot September and then a chilly October. Maybe I need to take a trip to the mountains so I can see all the fall leaves change usually that will always get me into the fall spirit. Since it's a little cold, but still not cold enough to wear a coat, I go for either long sleeves or jeans. It's been too hot to wear both a long sleeve and pants. One thing I go to every year around this season and is always a staple in my wardrobe is a henley. Besides being so cute with the classic button up front and long sleeves this one is a bodysuit. Yes, I'm obsessed with bodysuits! I usually will pair a bodysuit with a skirt or some basic jeans.  This bodysuit is so soft and has the classic ribbing that's very soft and subtle. You just might see this cute henley bodysuit more. Hope you have an amazing day and thank you so much for checking our style!

Jean Skirt (similar)


Happy Monday!  Hope this post finds you doing well. This past weekend we headed west to the Bonneville, Utah Salt Flats to see some rad racing cars go over 400 miles per hour. The Salt Flats are known for land speed  records and the beautiful white ground that looks like snow.  My dad has always wanted to go see these cars go fast on the heavily salted ground ever since he was little and now we finally got the chance. My dad loved every minute of it and it was definitely something we would go see again. Have any of you been to the Bonneville Salt Flats, would love to know what brings you there? 
Hope you have a wonderful week!