For some reason, I've always been drawn to clothes that remind me of an African Safari trip. I guess one day, I want to go on a big African Safari trip with the hubby and see all the beautiful exotic animals and explore the gorgeous terrain. For now it's only a dream, I'll wear these cute green jeans, crisp white button up shirt and leopard heels to satisfy it for now. ;)
Love you all!

Baggy Shirt (old, similar)
Jeans (old, similar)


Denim pencil skirts are one of my favorite things to wear in the summer. Sometimes it's too hot to wear jeans and they're a good substitute for those ripped cut-off shorts ;).  This skirt is nice, because you can dress it up with some heels and wear it to work or you could grab some flats and run some errands.  


A week ago or so I went to the Steve Madden store and saw the cutest lace up leather heels, I knew I had to get them and they were 50% off! They had them in a beautiful black, but stopped myself from getting them.  I paired it today with this cute maxi dress that was an amazing deal and this cardigan for those cool days coming ahead.  Have a great day, love you all!

CARDIGAN (Asos, Similar)
HEELS (style: Hawwai, SIMILAR)


This passed weekend we decided to go to a rodeo. Brought the boys, the nieces and nephews and they absolutely loved it. They enjoyed watching the fearless cowboys riding the big bulls & the cowgirls riding the horses as fast as they can. Everyone was in awe in how good the riders were and we were all rooting for the riders to hang on and go faster. It was a fun family outing and was worth the trip. Happy Monday everyone, love you all! :)

Jean Vest: (old, similar)



             I love a bright blue dress to brighten up my day. The ombre and ruching that goes all around the dress on the hips just brings this short sleeve dress up a notch from the basic tee dress.