Bodysuit & Pleated skirts for fall

Happy Monday! I'm so so so excited to show you this flirty look that I wore over the weekend. My sweet hubby and I went out to dinner at Ruth's Diner up in Immigration Canyon. It was the most beautiful scenery and the food was so yummy. This look fitted perfectly for a romantic dinner outside under some giant trees decorated in lights. This bodysuit i'm loving so much because it fit perfectly and I can wear t all the way until Spring. I loved to pair it with this flared pleated skirt because it gives me more shape. The skirt was the perfect length and I know I'll be wearing this almost every week, seriously I'm obsessed with it. I picked out a few high and lows. Hope you have a wonderful week, love you guys!

The Perfect Henley & Poms

Hey everyone! It has been a little chilly lately and it's still August! I'm crossing my fingers ( I hope you are too ) that it won't get too cold to soon. I personally love a hot September and then a chilly October. Maybe I need to take a trip to the mountains so I can see all the fall leaves change usually that will always get me into the fall spirit. Since it's a little cold, but still not cold enough to wear a coat, I go for either long sleeves or jeans. It's been too hot to wear both a long sleeve and pants. One thing I go to every year around this season and is always a staple in my wardrobe is a henley. Besides being so cute with the classic button up front and long sleeves this one is a bodysuit. Yes, I'm obsessed with bodysuits! I usually will pair a bodysuit with a skirt or some basic jeans.  This bodysuit is so soft and has the classic ribbing that's very soft and subtle. You just might see this cute henley bodysuit more. Hope you have an amazing day and thank you so much for checking our style!

Jean Skirt (similar)


Happy Monday!  Hope this post finds you doing well. This past weekend we headed west to the Bonneville, Utah Salt Flats to see some rad racing cars go over 400 miles per hour. The Salt Flats are known for land speed  records and the beautiful white ground that looks like snow.  My dad has always wanted to go see these cars go fast on the heavily salted ground ever since he was little and now we finally got the chance. My dad loved every minute of it and it was definitely something we would go see again. Have any of you been to the Bonneville Salt Flats, would love to know what brings you there? 
Hope you have a wonderful week!


Blue Hues

     There's always those days that you just need a fun outfit that will lift your spirits.  I know if I just wear all black or something frumpy it just might make things go downhill from there. First, what I love to do to lift my spirit is to start off by doing my makeup and listening to uplifting music, because we all know that listening to sad music would probably make things worse. When I listen to happy music It makes me realize all of the things I have been given and are grateful for.  Second, if I can help someone feel better in anyway with a simple authentic kind word or opening the door for them that'll always help me. Now after I've done my makeup I then need to find something bright for those dull boring days you just want to be over. One of my favorite designer brands I go to that seems to alway bring a whole lots of fun is, "Show Me Your Mumu," it's a brand that brings vibrant colors with beautiful floral and creative prints to your wardrobe. I love these extra comfy Bam Bam bells i'm wearing  by Show Me Your Mumu that have an exaggerated flare on the bottoms,which lengthen my legs and the cute high-waist band is like Spanx on my tummy.  They're definitely one of my favorite vacation clothes and wearing their pieces when your at home will make you  feel as if your on some exotic vacation yourself. I truly believe clothing can be a huge impact on your self-esteem and attitude for the day. And I hope my twin sister and I can be a postive influence on you. Now we would love to know what are some of your favorite things to do on a bad day?

Sancia bag

Flowy Crop tops

Good day everyone! Hope this post finds you having a nice relaxing day? This look would have to be one of my top favorites this summer. Why? Because I love this classy billowy top by L'Academie, it's feminine, cropped but not too cropped and it's flowy. It was such a beautiful top to wear when it's hot, but could easily transition into fall with its gorgeous red-ish orange color. I really adored the feminine sleeves that flow effortlessly. Paired with these cute casual white jeans that are one of my favorite pair of jeans that go with about everything, I know I'm ready for the day. Hope you all have a good day with lots of laughs. We are so grateful for all the love and support, we love you all!

Jeans (similar below)
Zara Heels (similar below)